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Welcome to Inside Hotels, a new quarterly publication from The Caterer, celebrating everything about a sector that is currently enjoying a boom in occupancies, room rates and transactions.

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High profile

Discover the new life breathed into one of Manchester’s most distinctive buildings on the form of the glamourous Hotel Gotham. This year the focus is very much on the UK’s second city, with Hotel Football – which launched in February in a blaze of publicity – already grabbing the top spot on TripAdvisor. Innside Manchester, the first hotel outside the capital from Spanish group Melia Hotels International, is now up an running, and King Street Townhouse from Eclectic hotels is still to come.


Unearth details behind the Beaumont, the much-awaited first hotel from legendary restaurateurs Chris Corbin and Jeremy king.  Less than a year since launch the Mayfair hotel has quickly established itself as an iconic place to stay in the highly competitive London market.

Best of design

Learn about the lord Crewe Arms which has tapped into the Zeitgeist by providing a look that is relaxed and totally in tune with its rugged location in the heart of the County Durnham countryside.

Insightful interviews

We speak with Dean Madge, who runs two services apartments and explains how the sector is now a key player in the hotel market. We confirm that the UK hotel market is set to grow and grow, with a comprehensive look at the new launches for 2015, and we also share the pick of the latest products and in-room technology.

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